Children vs Veggies ...

Mama vs Children ...

It's tough getting our children to eat their veggies, especially once they've gone beyond the eat-whatever age, normally above 2 years old. My girls, ages 5 and 6, are not too keen on vegetables either, but today Dibo saved the day for me!

Who's Dibo? If you're a Playhouse Disney Channel regular, you'd know. It's the big purple gift dragon from Dibo the Gift Dragon show. The previous episode was about the Stone Soup, which I'm sure some parents are quite familiar with. And my children and I made our very first Stone Soup! Yummm ... don't know the recipe yet? Glad to share ... :D

1 clean stone
A pot of water
Salt to taste

Good enough! After all, it is stone soup!

Now try your soup in front of your children ... I did that but my stone soup was lacking in taste, and I told my 1st child to get me some carrots. I chopped them and asked her to put them into the soup. Now stir well ...

Gave the soup another try. It was okay, but I told my children that it would taste even better if there was celery. So i asked my 2nd child to get some. Chopped them & into the pot they went. Stir well ...

Tasted the soup ... oh that's even better. Now my children were very excited to try the soup themselves. But no way ... not yet ... not until the soup's really ready. Something was still lacking ...

So I told my 3rd child to get some tomatoes. Roughly chopped them and asked him to mash the rest. I poured them all into the soup. Stir well ... Taste time ... "Yummm", I said. Now my children were begging for the soup, "Can we pleaaaaseeeee have some now!!!" ... "Hold on, let it simmer. I'll put it into nice bowls for all of you" ...

While they were anxiously waiting, I dropped a pebble-size chicken cube into the soup and some pepper (LOL). I got them into colorful bowls and served them to my kids. They were clapping their hands! We recited the doa and began eating the stone soup.

1st child ... "not bad".
2nd child ... silently ate the soup till there was no more.
3rd child ... DITTO
4th child ... DITTO
Mama ... a happy Mom who got her children to finish their vegetable soup ... oops ... stone soup :D !!!

Thank you Dibo the Gift Dragon!